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Stories- The Blue Sky by Andrea Petrlik Huseinovic

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That is what my initial expectation was when I began reading it. However, the little girl who lost her parents and feels so very lonely does not find love and warmth by the end of the story.

I suppose, with scaffolding from a teacher or another adult, this book could be used to broach the subject of life and death or to provide representation in a library collection for children who grow up without their biological parents, but I would be a little concerned about what message a young reader might take away from it.

In my opinion I think this books is not a good book. I think the language was descriptive it was also very confusing.


publishing of picture books - FOREIGN rights

The wording and phrasing of the book seemed unnatural at points, as if almost the person who wrote was not fluent or proficient in English. It was the only one who lived in that house. From time to time a clouds would fly through the house. The girl happily waved her hand at the snail. Additionally, in the beginning of the story the author refers to Cinderella and makes this book seem as if it is her Cinderella tale, yet there are no similarities between the two stories.

Another aspect of this book that was confusing was the writing. Often the author made comparisons or used references that did not fit it or add to the story.

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In addition to the confusing references, I think the concept is also very confusing. I think this was very confusing because it seemed as if the little girl committed suicide. If this is what the author meant to hint at, I think it is very inappropriate for a child to read. Overall, the main message of this book is to accept lost ones death and to not dwell on the negative things in life. A creative story about how a girl overcomes her loneliness and missing her mother.

Can help students who are dealing with loss of a parent to see the bright in the world.

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Line or Phrase: Nobody has ever seen her again. Number of words: about 4. Reading time: 25min. She is somewhere in the clouds,together with her mother.

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This story first published in This story is about a whit stork, the representative of some kind. How this animals lost their homeland, because of war in Croatia. Cigoc, the place that the stork belong. SO, in this place almost on every rooftop one can notice a stork nest. The irony and satire about Impact of the war had occurred in Croatia. This story is very interesting because if we the readers can sense the meaning, this story is not just the antics of the author.

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We can also find how the speaker is also the stork, disoriented lost its way to find its homeland. We know that these poor animals are silent witnesses and victims of the atrocities of war that has been done by humans.