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  1. Who Are "They" Anyway? by B J Gallagher
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A Penguin Obstacle Course - Penguinpalooza

As this video shows, it's not charisma but a set of behaviors. Using industrial scenes, this video shows that the main reason people thrive at work is the boss--but it's also the number 1 reason they quit. In the workplace, problems are inevitable. This program shows managers the difference between reacting impulsively or with "managerial intelligence". Organizations today are said to be experiencing a "trust deficit".

This video depicts the 5 things leaders can do to gain and retain trust.

Who Are "They" Anyway? by B J Gallagher

Ken Blanchard shares lessons from Sea World, showing supervisors how to build trust, focus on the positive, and redirect when things get off track. Teaches managers and supervisors to use the M. Employees look to managers and supervisors for examples of organizational ethics. This program shows leaders how to act with integrity daily. This video depicts 12 ethical situations through which viewers learn to: Analyze a Situation, Consider the Consequences and Take Appropriate Action.

CRM's all-time bestseller! A family's futile road trip, along with other hilarious examples, show the negative impact of "going along to get along". Viewers follow Olympic skater Dan Jansen as he stumbles and falls on his way to setting world records and winning an Olympic gold medal. If you would like additional assistance finding a particular Spanish Titles title, or a program that meets specific requirements in the area of Spanish Titles, please give us a call. You can also send your request via email to sales crmlearning. We know your time is limited and we're happy to help you quickly locate the program s best suited to your needs.

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Your watchlist is currently empty. Blog Articles, Training Activities and More. Harassment - It Happens! Breaking New Ground M. On Common Ground M. Generations: M. Would I Inspire Me? Would I Work For Me? Whale Done! With Integrity A. Ethics 4 Everyone Explains why ethics is key to organizational and individual success while featuring an ethical action test, tips for ethical dilemmas, and more.

Preventing Workplace Bullying Bullying in the workplace is four times more prevalent than illegal harassment.

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Can We Count on You? Tell Me a Story Provides tips on storytelling while featuring real-world leaders who use stories to make communication engaging, relatable and memorable. Jenson LLC Title. Groupthink A powerful reenactment of events surrounding the launch of Space Shuttle Challenger helps viewers see how "groupthink" can lead to costly decisions. A Peacock in the Land of Penguins Through an animated fable, this best-selling program shows how organizations benefit when they embrace diversity and inclusion.

Pigeonholed in The Land of Penguins This animated video shows how we "pigeon-hole" others when we stereotype and overlook their true abilities, talents and personalities. Remember Me One of the best of all time, this customer service video shows that customers who are treated badly don't always complain but they do get even. Cliff's Customer Service Adventure A something in search of excellent customer service , Cliff gives viewers lots of laughs while providing tips on how to meet customer needs.

Fun is Good! Give 'em the Pickle With wit and wisdom, restaurateur Bob Farrell explains what makes good customers leave, while giving insights into how easy it is to please your customers. Customer Service Toolkit 72 unique video clips for training on various aspects of customer service, including attitude, communication, problem solving and supervision. Make It Matter Regardless of how long you've been in the organization, you will not be seen as "essential" unless you proactively make it happen.

Customer Service: Make It Easy! Customer Service Gone Viral Teaches 6 customer service skills that can keep organizations from getting negative and embarrassing online reviews. Accountability That Works!

4 editions of this work

Attitude Virus Bad attitudes can spread like a virus , infecting everyone in the organization. We're on the Same Team, Remember? Positive Discipline Most managers dread addressing performance issues with subordinates. The Pygmalion Effect There's no better way to show managers the impact they can have on another person, than by showing this video. The Clarity Imperative Shows that teams and organizations are more apt to succeed when everyone is clear on: "What we do, Who we are, Direction in which we're headed". A Leader's Guide to Delegating Just what the reluctant delegator needs: A foolproof 5-step process for making sure that tasks are delegated correctly and the end result is successful.

Emotional Intelligence A great overview of EI. Dealing With Conflict Based on the popular Thomas-Kilmann Conflict model, this best-selling video enables people in conflict to find the best solution for the situation. Speaking Effectively to 1 or Providing help for those who dread public speaking, this humorous program reveals the 4 components of speaking successfully to groups of any size. Power of Listening Effective listeners receive information more accurately and experience less interpersonal conflict.

Leadership and the New Science This insightful program highlights the work of Dr. Meeting Robbers This amusing video identifies the seven most common culprits who rob time in meetings and provides tips on how to handle them. Race Without a Finish Line Prosperous companies typically don't settle for "good enough".

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Power of Words, Meeting Opener A top-selling meeting opener, this short video gets right to the heart of communication that works, inspiring people to choose their words carefully. Meeting Opener This short video uses a sky diving analogy to help viewers see change as an exciting opportunity for growth. Runtime: 2. Practical Coach 2 A new version of the popular coaching program. We're In The Band An up-and-coming rock band, with a devoted and growing customer base, provides memorable lessons on how to build customer loyalty.

So HELP Me - Supervisor Edition Proves that a supervisor's actions have as much to do with customer satisfaction as the attitude and behavior of the frontline service provider. So HELP Me - Employee and Supervisor Set The two videos contained in this set ensure that service providers know how to solve customer problems and that supervisors set the right example.

Johnny the Bagger This moving story motivates employees to take personal responsibility for creating a positive, memorable experience for internal and external customers. Respectful Communicator: The Part You Play Teaches people to confirm their understanding, care about the way they come across, communicate with decency and value the input of others.

ISBN 13: 9780814470756

Let's Talk Sexual Harassment in Workplace - Employee Allows you to clearly define sexual harassment to your employees, and empower them to act when they recognize inappropriate behavior. Sexual Harassment in Workplace - Manager Provides the education, guidance and authority to help managers prevent, recognize and report sexual harassment incidents. It's About Respect Through personal revelation and discussion, 4 employees expand their understanding of harassment and agree on ways to prevent it in their workplace. As Simple as Respect Vignettes in a variety of work settings demonstrate 8 common-sense guidelines for identifying and preventing disrespectful behavior.

Right Side of the Line Helps promote a respectful and harassment-free workplace by ensuring all employees understand the boundaries of acceptable and legal behavior. It's Up to You - Employee Clear, concise, and thorough, this video teaches employees what sexual harassment is and how to recognize and stop it in their workplace. Patterns: Preventing Sexual Harassment Helps people recognize the reasons behind different types of harassment while showing the best way to stop these behaviors.

Patterns: Respond to Sexual Harassment Illustrates proper managerial response to harassment incidents, so that situations are handled properly and liabilities are minimized. Patterns: Rights and Responsibilities Describes how sexual harassment can damage individuals and the organization, while also discussing employee rights and responsibilities in this area. Diversity: Face to Face 4 aspects of diversity - stereotypes, similarities, unity and benefits - presented through stories of characters who live and work in a diverse world.

Consciously Overcoming Unconscious Bias A conversational, easy-to-use program that shows how unconscious bias, micro-inequities, and micro-affirmations overlap in the workplace. Diversity: Food for Thought For organizations to succeed, they must truly value diversity. Drop by Drop Helps maintain a respectful workplace by revealing "micro-inequities"--subtle discriminations and tiny injustices that can occur in organizations. On Common Ground Examines the "respect" component of diversity from the employee's perspective, depicting skills that build a respectful, inclusive culture.

Village of 4th Edition Open peoples' eyes to the world around them with this diversity meeting opener. Please Respect My Generation! Celebrate What's Right With the World National Geographic photographer Dewitt Jones helps viewers see the world in a way that reveals endless possibilities for themselves and the organization.

Everyday Creativity Unforgettable imagery and compelling narration from National Geographic photographer Dewitt Jones reveal simple ways to find creative solutions. Talk Isn't Cheap Gives 4 practical techniques for improving workplace communication by illustrating the costs associated with careless communication. Everybody Wins Unresolved conflict leads to lower productivity. Chilean Mine Rescue A documentary profiling the commitment, tenacity and resourcefulness of the rescue team that worked tirelessly to free trapped Chilean Miners.

Miracle on the Hudson When Capt. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Author Patrick Lencioni explains why teams become dysfunctional while showing teams how to improve working relationships and get the job done well. New Business of Paradigms, 2nd Edition Joel Barker's best-selling program has been re-formatted with additional bonus stories to show how new paradigms can change the organization. Leadership Pickles Good leaders serve the people who serve the customer. Would I Follow Me?

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Managing Me In the workplace, problems are inevitable. We Need to M. With Integrity Employees look to managers and supervisors for examples of organizational ethics. And When You Fall In this parable, the tale of Paula the pigeon illustrates how organisations must become much better at capturing the talents, energy and commitment of all employees if the organisations are seeking breakthrough ideas and commercial success. You can find lots of answers to common customer questions in our FAQs. View a detailed breakdown of our shipping prices.

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