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Frommer's China

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  2. Did Google buy Frommer’s for its search engine juice? No, there is a lot more going on
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Beijing Hotels and Places to Stay

In the U. And the South American influence has brought great restaurants to the Florida beach town too.

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Did Google buy Frommer’s for its search engine juice? No, there is a lot more going on

June 13, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. I bought this book because it was the most recently published travel guide on Beijing at the time Dec ' I have been living in Beijing for 3 months and have been to several of the places the book recommends. The facts in it are usually accurate; some prices, restaurant names, and phone numbers have changed since the book was published.

My main qualm with this book is the referencing First of all, the Chinese characters of location names are listed in the back of the book, instead of with the desriptions like most books. This makes is difficult to show people the characters of the place you are looking for if you're lost. Also, if you are looking at one of the book's maps, and want to find out more about a certain location, there is no page reference.

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You have to look the place up in the index and then flip to the description. Similarly, there are no map references in the sight-descriptions. The book has several maps. You have to guess which map the place would be on, based on the very basic directions given in the description. This can be a pain!!!

Things to Do in China

Otherwise, the book proved useful. My friends that had the Lonely Planet guide said that is was much less acurate than my book. Also check out Let's Go when deciding which book to buy. I bought this book, Frommers Beijing, and Frommers Shanghai. Altogether they were pretty useful, but had a lot of repeating info between the main book and the city guides.

January 7, - Published on Amazon. This book, 3rd edition, was very disappointing, compared to our usual Frommer guidebook.

China Vacation Travel Video Guide

We tried to use it for our trip planning, and Frommer's recommendation to not use a tour comment were extremely misleading. Frommer led us to believe that corrupt Chinese control of the tour companies resulted in all of the companies offering a substandard, unpleasant rip-off product. On the other hand, Frommer led us to believe that we would be ripped off if we made any reservations airline, hotel , in advance, using the internet.

Now really, it is just not feasible for many average jet-lagged American tourists who speak no Chinese to be running around with their suitcases in hand, trying to haggle for some hotel in the middle of a big city like Beijing, right after they step out of the airport. We wound up following the advice of various friends, and booked our trip with Grand Circle Travel.

Download PDF Frommer s China (Frommer s Complete Guides) Full Book

Grand Circle Travel is NOT on Frommers' list of recommended tour companies, but they gave us a great trip at an excellent price. We had great guides, and everyone in our group was very happy the whole time. Grand Circle was less expensive than the tour companies that were recommended by Frommer.